Aft2 accreditation audit

One of these trends concerns the hospital nursing effectiveness. The nurse will receive payment for extra hours served during the peak months. These areas include; assessment and care; quality improvement; patient safety, and staffing effectiveness. A root cause analysis is very useful and important especially in near-miss scenarios.

Aft2 Task 4

By implementing a policy of no extra shifts will be granted unless the nurse has had twenty-four hours off work, will allow nurses time to rest. The Corrective Action Plan will result after the discovery of a problem.

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Hospital procedures need to ensure the communication of critical results in timely and responsible manner. Nightingale has made significant progress in terms of minimizing healthcare associated infections.

These include; assessment and care services; quality improvement activities, and patient safety. One of these areas is patient identification. Once these have been identified, you can remediate the concerns. Recommend a risk management program or process change to ensure that the sentinel event does not recur.

AFT2 Accreditation Audit – Task 1,2,3 and 4

Nightingale hospital has made significant progress in terms of enhancing patient identification. This section will focus on the roles of the staff involved in this Sentinel Event.

Include a section that provides a summary for the team members can review. Pressure ulcers are an indication of falling standard of care and, therefore, undermine the organization compliance with the Joint Commission Standards Buttery, Tina was found at approximately 1: The training of Surgery Department clerical staff on the new process and handout will be completed by the next week, September 12, Do you like it?

Conduct a root cause analysis of the sentinel event found in the attached Accreditation Audit Case Study — Task 2 Artifacts by doing the following: However, it is not realistic for Nightingale Community Hospital to implement staffing rate of this magnitude.

The endoscopy, surgical and CCU units have recorded significant standards in terms of adhering to this communication standard.

Provide a summary of the following aspects of a root cause analysis related to the sentinel event found in the attached Accreditation Audit Case Study Task 2 Specific artifacts by doing the following: The joint commission survey indicates that Nightingale Hospital employees lack adequate knowledge of the hospitals functional screening criteria.

One the standards that the hospital has failed to comply with is maintenance of a safe staffing level. The monitoring efforts may also include some overtime as they will be an additional duty for the departments conducting monitoring.

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Four east recorded the largest number of falls. Therefore, the cost will be figured at — hourly pay rate for staff attending training x of staff requiring training. Describe the sentinel event.

Accreditation Audit AFT2 tasks 2,3&4

Conduct a root cause analysis of the sentinel event found in the attached Accreditation Audit Case Study — Task 2 Artifacts by doing the following: Nightingale Community Hospital administration will work hard with the director of 4 East to implement polices that will protect the welfare of the staff.

Some of these characteristics are visible in Nightingale Community Hospital. The final barrier noted was the delay by the nursing staff to notify the Security Department once it was determined that Tina was missing.

While Tina was in surgery, her mother left the hospital to run a quick school errand with her son leaving her cell phone number with the pre-op nurse. If not properly labeled the specimen will be sent back to the unit. Nurse Staffing and Quality of Patient Care.Accreditation Audit AFT2.

TASK 1 Introduction: 1 In this task, you are preparing for an accreditation audit. There are many variables that must be considered to ensure compliance with Joint Commission standards. Online Professional Homework Help A Place To Find Online Homework in Accounting,Math,Business,Management, Science,Marketing and Health.

Search. Main menu. Skip to primary content. AFT2 Accreditation Audit – Task 1 AFT2 Accreditation Audit – Task 1 AFT2 Accreditation Audit – Task 1. Related products. Running head: Accreditation Audit (AFT2) Task 4 1 Accreditation Audit (AFT2) Task 4 Executive Summary: Accreditation Audit Case Study 98%(95).

AFT2 Accreditation Audit – Task 2 Western Governor’s University AFT2 Accreditation Audit – Task 2 Nightingale Community Hospital is a healthcare facility that prides itself on being a hospital of choice within its community by being a.

Accreditation Audit AFT2 tasks 2,3&4 The Joint Commission requires a root cause analysis for all sentinel events. These analyses can be of enormous value. Accreditation Audit (AFT2) Task 2 2 Accreditation Audit (AFT2) Task 2 Executive Summary: Root Cause Analysis A.

Aspects of Root Cause Analysis 1. Description of Sentinel Event Nightingale Community Hospital is conducting a root cause analysis of a pediatric abduction which occurred during a post-operative discharge process%(75).

Aft2 accreditation audit
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