An introduction to the life of dag hammerskyvld

He also recommended the establishment of a system of checks and balances on the office to provide fuller protection for the staff from arbitrary decisions. Such secrecy had been maintained throughout that even Mr. My experience from other administrations tells me that even in the best one there is always much to improve.

Emphasizing his parallel belief that integrity, complete impartiality, and independence from any authority outside the United Nations in the performance of their duties are vital requisites for staff members, Mr.

Subsequent to the letter of resignation submitted by Trygve Lie, the first Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Security Council met in March to consider a replacement.

He also proposed changes at the uppermost levels. However, that much I know of this sport that the qualities it requires are just those which I feel we all need today: In a public address in London on 17 December, Mr. Additionally, he proposed that three other departments and bureaus Legal, Personnel and Finance be newly-designated as Offices with the latter being renamed completely as Office of the Comptroller; that the Library be transferred from his Office to the Department of Conference Services; and that the Field Service be transferred to the Office of General Services.

He reserved the right however of appointing, in exceptional circumstances Deputy Under-Secretaries within a Department and or Under-Secretaries without portfolio serving as advisers to him on special questions. On the other hand, I feel that an administration inspired by sound self-criticism, never blunted by conceit or false loyalties, and self-improving in that spirit, has a just claim to the respect and confidence of the governments and the public.

Noting that any remaining political responsibilities at this level would be exercised solely on the personal responsibility of the Secretary-General, he replaced the two categories with one: It is a most active one. The public servant is there in order to assist, so to say from the inside, those who make the decisions which frame history.

He had neither the wish nor the ambition to be Secretary-General of the United Nations, but was able to put aside his personal doubts and private concerns. To build for man a world without fear, we must be without fear.

It was a session characterized by caution - a caution that prevented far-reaching steps in any direction but also diluted the effects of harsh debate on several bitterly contested issues". The intricate web of relationships which now exist have as part of their basis the new means of communication which have overnight made our world so much smaller than it was in previous generations.

The roles of the Assistant Secretaries-General were to head their departments and, at the same time, serve the Secretary-General in a "representative capacity" with individual Member countries and groups of countries.

Re-organization of the Secretariat. We are parties to an action practically at the very moment it is undertaken.

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The original structure had two top echelons: During the year, the Secretary-General considered the dichotomy between his political philosophy of "quiet diplomacy", and his public responsibility to educate the press and the public about the Organization and its goals - and, indeed its Secretary-General - by holding press conferences.

In my new official capacity the private man should disappear and the international public servant take his place. Noting that the absence of any prior consultation could result in Mr. In articles recently published it has been said that I am interested in mountaineering.

Lilje i blekkhus, samt noen Drypp fra min kjøkkenvask.

But I have never climbed any famous peaks. Irrespective of the political responsibilities of the Secretary-General to which I have just referred, he has an important, indeed an overwhelming job as chief administrator of the UN Secretariat.

Only in true surrender to the interest of all can we reach that strength and independence, that unity of purpose, that equity of judgment which are necessary if we are to measure up to our duty to the future, as men of a generation to whom the chance was given to build in time a world of peace.

To build a world of justice, we must be just. In MayMr. He went on to say that the restraint shown in these and other cases was "an indication that all parties had in their minds and wanted to safeguard the potentialities of the United Nations as an invaluable, indeed unique instrument, if and when there is a chance for a truly international, constructive approach to the underlying conflict.

But it can only be defended on the basis of full recognition by every staff member of his own unlimited obligation to remain politically independent".

The Secretary-General took a great interest in these concerts and was actively involved in their planning.

How can we ask others to sacrifice if we are not ready to do so? The recommendation was adopted by 10 votes to none, with China abstaining. Our work for peace must begin within the private world of each one of us.

Just as the diplomat of today must rule out war as an instrument of policy, so he must recognize that in the new state of interdependence between nations, war anywhere becomes the concern of all. The nerve signals from a wound are felt at once through the body of mankind.

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And how can we fight for liberty if we are not free in our own minds?Sep 14,  · I den her tid, hvor mange flygtninge gør indtogt i det europæiske, fik jeg lige en del associationer, da jeg hørte Lars L. i Toppen af Poppen i aften.

A Book A Month. I used to read books regularly, but in the last few years my reading frequency has decreased to one or perhaps two books a year. That’s a real shame, since reading keep ones imagination healthy and really helps. The Dag Hammarskjöld Lecture is given in memory of Dag Hammarskjöld, and in recognition of the values that inspired him personally and as Secretary-General – compassion, humanism and commitment to international solidarity and cooperation.

In the nearly pages the reader gets a detailed insight into Dag Hammarskjöld’s life during his years as UN Secretary-General and how the political events of that time developed. Brian Urquhart, diplomat and former co-worker of Hammarskjöld in the UN had complete access to Hammarskjöld’s private papers when the book was written.

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An introduction to the life of dag hammerskyvld
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