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I think that Hardy has done this because his memory of every last detail of the walk and his girlfriend are as clear as they were the day he went on the walk. An impression is gained that the speaker is with holding something of at castle boterel essay writer that affected him and his love.

The events grow out of the social circumstances of Phyllis at the time. Phyllis did just this by following her heart and starting a relationship with a foreign soldier even though she was already betrothed to a local gentleman. I think that he is revisiting all the places of his courtship with his first wife Emma who at this time is dead as a at castle boterel essay writer back to the place where the memory occurred.

If the love affair had happened ninety years later, the story would have been very different because by that time, the role of women in society had changed drastically.

Worn away by Time and Nature, the castle represents the fading of human history from both memory and the landscape as enduring Nature reigns everlasting. During the course of the poem itself, the image is rendered less substantial through poetic technique. People, on the other hand, especially the speaker do change.

Although you can guess the period that the story is set in, you only discover the date of the story at the end of it when Hardy inserts an extract from the Parish burial records. This desolate image lacks the defiance and rage of the previous stanza as Hardy, defeated, comes to the realisation that he is at the mercy of Time, that inescapable journey of all mortal men.

The speaker may have to choice of which way to drive but also the choice of which direction to take in his life; he could return to the past or go to the future. This is another point that shows how time controls the story.

The scene of the poem is set very casually, using simple language. Hardy also shows that time takes away moments but can be relived in memory but also that all people are mortal and if not relayed to someone else, the story and experiences will also be lost forever.

In the poem this journey is juxtaposed with a past journey, separated by time but not space, taken in a parallel March many years before. At the time of the story, it was very rare for women to break from convention. The language used here is a good way to show the message of the poem.

When Phyllis meets Mattheus, it is then summer again. They use a range of words to express the feelings of the poem. Also the two poets have used nostalgia, which means that you are happy but also sad about your reminiscence of a loved one for example.

This sentence is short, isolated and detached and maybe referring to their conversation or the time they spent together. Piano also has a rhyming style to it, but this time an A, A, B, B form is shown. The language of the poem shifts subtly as the journey begins to take on a more profound meaning, creating a lexical journey within the poem itself.

‘At Castle Boterel’ by Thomas Hardy and ‘Piano’ by D H Lawrence

Later on in the poem, however, this poetic technique is once again used. I think that this is used to show the stages of each stanza that he wrote. The rocks are primaeval; that have been there since the beginning of time and will continue to be there for millions of years to come.

In both the poem and the short story, Hardy introduces the idea of the transitory, fleeting nature of human life. This atmosphere is used during the parts of the poem that are in the present tense and that involve the speaker in his present life.

It is possible that they both include information about events and activities that the speaker and his love did together. The first two stanzas involve the use of enjambment allow for the last sentence of the first stanza to continue into the first sentence of the second one. It becomes clear that the happy moments of the poem represent the speaker reminiscing of his love and what used to be.

I think that this is done to symbolise how a piano is a very tuneful instrument. In both the story and the poem, Hardy mentions ghosts: Once a majestic monument to human endeavour and achievement, little remains but some barely discernible ruins.

The two poems show the tragic side of love, especially lost love. There were three major acts passed which affected the rights of women.

A Comparsion of At Castle Boterel By Thomas Hardy and Piano By D H Lawrence - Assignment Example

Between that time and the time that the story was written, there were many changes. He spends a lot of time describing seemingly insignificant things: The ghostly figures may be a reminder of the love that once was or it may be the ghost of the departed lover. An example of Hardy at his most emotionally evocative and philosophically profound, it chronicles his spiritual, intellectual and emotional journey following the death of his wife.“Last Look” and “At Castle Boterel” both have a similar theme present, strong memories.

“Last Look”, written by Seamus Heaney appearing in his sixth collection of poems inis both an elegy and a eulogy as it has a mournful tone whilst also being in praise of someone and commemorating their death. Castle Boterel is about an old man returning to a place that is significant to his youth and his love.

Hardy starts the poem visualising a wet and gloomy day. He says: “And the drizzle bedrenches the waggonette”, “And see on its slope, now glistening. The set out of the three stanzas is like the poets lifetime going in reverse as he remembers.

In Hardy’s poem ‘At Castle Boterel’, it is also set out with a set 5 lines to a stanza in every stanza. At Castle Boterel by Thomas Hardy 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 In the twentieth century poem 'At Castle Boterel’ which Thomas Hardy wrote just after the death of his wife, Thomas Hardy is remembering a very important time that he spent with his wife.

An Appreciation of ‘At Castle Boterel’ By Thomas Hardy Essay

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Journeying in Hardy’s “At Castle Boterel”

At Castle Boterel By Thomas Hardy Essays and Research Papers. “At Castle Boterel”, one of the greatest of Hardy’s Poems ofis an intensely personal poem, yet expresses universal truths on .

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