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A total of credits are required for the Bachelor of Business Administration. Furthermore, internships develop their professional experience, prepare students for the real world and enable them to build networks that will stay with them throughout their entire careers.

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The program teaches them not only to recognize opportunity, but to create it. Bachelor of Business Administration in Management of Information and Communication Technology MICT The study of management of information and communication technology MICT is designed with a particular focus to adapt its content in a local context congruent with the needs of Egyptian organizations and capable of addressing IT challenges that arise in such organizations.

Business administration majors can select from areas of concentration including finance, marketing, management and management of information systems. The MICT curriculum provides students with a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences while enabling them to develop expertise in business management and information technology.

A Unique Learning Experience A degree in business administration prepares students to be future leaders of businesses in the region and beyond. Inside the classroom, students benefit from applying business knowledge by working on projects, participating in simulations, writing case studies and working on projects with companies.

The courses offered cover the areas of management, accounting, marketing, finance, strategy, operational management and international business. To check program details on AUC Catalog, please click here.

This is a necessary skill in a business environment that is constantly evolving. The learning experience of a business student at AUC School of Business goes beyond a typical lecture experience. Courses offered in this major cover different areas of business including management, entrepreneurship, accounting, marketing, finance, management of information systems, and operations management.

A competitive and challenging area of study, students pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration BBA are given all the tools needed to join the business community and its many interesting career opportunities.

Careers Business administration graduates do not just join the workforce, they influence it, shape it and change it for the better. A business and management studies degree prepares for a career in business, which may stretch across any sector or industry, therefore career options are varied.

A graduate with a business degree has a distinct edge when applying to jobs, especially in large and multinational corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.Catalog ENTR - Business Plan Fundamentals.

3 Credits 3 Class Hours An introduction to business planning. The students will assess business strengths and weaknesses; collect and organize market data; develop a business plan, marketing plan, and financial plan.

AUC BUSINESS PLAN – to – 2 ALBERTA UTILITIES COMMISSION. The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) is an independent, quasi-judicial agency of the Government of Alberta. While the Minister of Energy is responsible for the AUC, it makes formal decisions independently in. MGT - Business Plan Creation Learn how to create investor quality business plans.

Follow a step-by-step process to develop business plan from an opening executive summary to a financial offering. This plan provides detailed investor information and includes the basic strategic business plan information necessary for initial establishment and operation of: JTB's Industrial Sales Division.

The following sub-plan outlines all /5(3). Global Search Catalog Search BCEN - Business Plan Development Development of a comprehensive business plan detailing all facets of a proposed venture with an emphasis on using the plan for loan acquisition and venture implementation.

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Auc catalog business plan
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