Build your own computer

Use the ports native to the motherboard i. Lock the module in place With DIMMs, all you have to do is continue to press the memory module down until the ejector clip or clips on either side of the memory slot automatically get pushed into the closed position.

Consult your motherboard manual on which slots to use for multi-channel. Most common are two- dual- and four- quad- core CPUs, though six- and eight-core CPUs are becoming more visible on the market.

Will buy my next computer system from them in the near future.

Build Your Own Computer

It usually will pop out easily, if not use a flat-head screwdriver to pry the edges so it comes loose. This is a technology that allows a performance increase when using 2, 3, or 4 matched sticks of RAM.

Lastly, some cases use small metal clip-looking stand-offs.

How to Build Your Own PC

It should just drop in without applying any pressure. Call the toll-free number on the screen, read off to the operator the number displayed on the screen and type in the confirmation number they give you. Connecting the Motherboard Now it is time to begin connecting your newly installed motherboard to the various wires of your case as well as its power source.

Checking Your Work Well, you have gotten this far. Let the system run for minutes. If you get it backwards, the light may either never come on later or will stay on all the time when the PC is running. If the rack faces fore and aft, be sure the drive connectors face toward the back of the case.

Some cases have provisions for running cables behind the motherboard. SATA power connectors are thin and black.

Cache L2 or L3. Installing the power supply Take the power supply unit and line it up for placement into the PC case. Chassis screws — this is the type used to tighten down cards, etc.

Computer Parts

All modern systems make use of the zero-insertion force ZIF socket. Clock speed operating frequency.Build with Confidence. We have taken all the guesswork out of building your own high performance computer.

Our experts have ensured every aspect of each PC Build Kit is compatible. Newegg has pooled years of experience to give you the confidence you need to successfully build a great PC.

I prefer to build my own computer their is no greater feeling than the feeling of building a quality built computer that you know what you put into it.

You can build a quality top notch computer for a fraction of the price that it would take to buy one with the same specs as the one you built. AMD’s disruptive Ryzen processors and Intel’s supercharged 8th-gen Core CPUs have sparked a wave of interest in PC building, but some people still hesitate at the idea of crafting a custom PC.

Don’t! Building your own PC isn’t some arcane art or esoteric skill that only the most hardcore of hardware geeks can pull off. Build your dream gaming PC with iBUYPOWER. High performance computers at a low price. Click to customize by processor, graphics card, and more!

The Digital Trends PC Build Guide.


Choosing the right components; Putting the hardware together; What to do if your new rig won’t boot; Building a computer used to be a complicated process, where careful selection of delicate parts was a necessity. When that collection of components finally booted for the first time, it was a triumphant experience.

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Build your own computer
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