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In fact, Hitler managed to get himself the position of Chancellor without staging a Essay hitler came power. An image had been created of a powerful party with strong leadership. More essays like this: In the elections of November the Nazis failed to get a majority of seats in the Reichstag and only won seats.

The actions of President Hindenburg and the crippling nature of Article 48 were certainly important factors in assisting Hitler and his rise to power but perhaps not the most important.

Inthe Weimar Republic made another huge fault. With the Weimar out of the way, Hitler could take power more easily. However, the putsch failed badly and Hitler was arrested.

The first five years of the Weimar Republic were full of difficulties. He also explained that he would fix this by tearing up the Treaty of Versailles. The Essay hitler came power population did not want to be governed by a democracy as it was such a governing body that signed the Treaty of Versailles.

Although the putsch was unsuccessful in seizing the government, it was in fact a massive turning point for the Nazi party. Apart from this illegal strategy, Hitler rose to power by using the flaws in the law, events outside his control and his own skill to his great advantage.

Germans had lost their trust in the Weimar Republic. He was magnificent at building up anticipation and expectation.

This helped Hitler to gain support as Germans had begun to hate the Weimar Republic.

Adolf Hitler’s Rise to Power Essay Sample

Although the Weimar constitution definitely had its weaknesses, these were only emphasised and so utilised by Hitler due to the great depression and might not have seemed so severe in a different political climate. After a brief Chancellorship by Schliecher, von Papen and Hindenburg offered Hitler the post of vice-Chancellor if he promised to support them.

However, Hitler refused and he demanded to be made Chancellor. The nation was isolated and the economy was in crisis.

In NovemberHitler and the Nazi party held a putsch, in Munich, in an attempt to seize the government.

Hitler’s Rise to Power

Finally, it became clear to Hitler that he could never hold power without the support of the army. Thus, people were again interested in the views of the Nazi party. Also, there was a growing debt and as prices fell, rural Germany became a source of support for Hitler.

This money allowed the Nazis to produce propaganda, control the media and run campaigns among other things. This mean that nobody could do anything to stop him as everything he did was allowed by the law. Hatred for this document was still rife in Germany and so Hitler, who openly detested the Treaty, became the obvious choice.

The Weimar government did not understand how to reverse the situation so the general public became angry and lost confidence in the relatively new democratic system.

The depression gave Hitler the edge he needed to gain ninety-five [1] seats in the Reichstag and ultimately progress from the leader of a minority party to the Dictator of the Third Reich.

It all started when the new government was forced to sign a harsh peace Treaty. Goeballs targeted specific groups of society with different slogans and policies to win their support and this worked extremely well.

InGermany entered a deep economic depression. From tothe Nazi Party went from 12 seats in the Reichstag to Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Because of the rapid decline in Nazi seats, Hindenburg and von Papen made the crucial mistake of thinking they could control Hitler. The Chancellor, von Papen, was struggling to get enough support to pass laws and so Hindenburg was forced to use Article The Depression also drew attention to the weaknesses of the Weimar Constitution; as poverty and unemployment increased, respect for the democratic system drastically decreased.

After the Wall Street crash, the U. This lead to a problem called hyperinflation and the savings of the German people became worthless overnight.

Secondly, the events in Munich gave Hitler and his party instant publicity and he moved from being a relatively unknown politician to a national figure. Another important strength of the Nazis was the funding they received from rich, communist-fearing businessmen.

During a depression, political trends become extremist and so the Nazis flourished; Hitler offered both a scapegoat and himself as a strong leader to look up to.Adolf Hitler’s Rise to Power Essay Sample.

Many social, economical and political factors played a major role in Hitler’s incredible rise to power. The actions of president Hindenburg were the most important reason why Hitler came to power in Discuss. From tothe Nazi Party went from 12 seats in the Reichstag to This was due to a number of factors including the Wall Street crash and the depression that followed, the weaknesses of.

Hitlers Rise To Power In Germany History Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Hitler came in 2nd at the end of the elections as he finished with % less votes than Hindenburg (a total of % votes). It is fair to say that Hitler’s rise to power was an easy process which didn’t require much work on his part.

The amount of. How and Why Was Hitler Able to Come to Power; WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON. How and Why Was Hitler Able to Come to Power.

How and Why Was Hitler Able to Come to Power

FOR ONLY $/PAGE. Order Now. Hitler's rise to power began Inwhen he Joined the Political party, Nazi. By Hitler was leader of the Nazi party, and was looked up to. There are many factors which explain why Hitler and the Nazis came into power infor example; the great depression and the weaknesses of the Weimar Government.

Political miscalculation was the main reason why Hitler got into power Essay Hitler. Free Essay: The Reasons Hitler Came To Power InHitler the leader of the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party) became the Chancellor of.

Essay hitler came power
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