Essay on drug addiction in teenagers

So, it is imperative to see that such young boys and girls may be no means fall victims to drug addiction. Teenagers have this naive belief that we are indestructible and immune to the drugs side effects on our body and mind.

The study implies that if the school is to confirm these findings, a survey should be given and prevention and intervention class strategies should be given to address these complex types of drug abuse.

Drug Addiction among Youth: Meaning, Causes, Prevention, Solution and Treatment

Treatment of the drug-addicts can be done through different medical processes. The results of the most used drugs are in consonance with other studies. Addicted people often engage in compulsive behavior to obtain the drugs.

For addictions to some drugs, medications can help.

The difference is like someone whispering in your ear versus someone shouting in a microphone. The problem of drug addiction is all the more serious because the addicts are mostly young school or college going boys and girls, the future citizens of a country, on whom will depend in future its welfare and the welfare of its people.

Prevention Drug addiction among youth can be prevented if the youth are taught of its harmful consequences. The addict is not able to discharge his day-to-day responsibilities in an efficient manner. Physically being tired, red and glazed eyes, emotional sudden changes, depression, starting family arguments, lack of interest in school and hanging out with new friends who are less interested in school and home activities are major signs that should not be ignored but faced before they make significant harm to themselves or those around them.

Drug abuse Illegal drugs continue to be a problem throughout schools for the teens and everyone involved in their lives such as teachers and parents. There are warning signs that a teenager may be abusing drugs or alcohol. Being a role model can be an inspirational catalyst to avoid drugs.

In fact the help and co-operation of the same elements of the society is essential for the rehabilitation of the drug addicts in society. It effects both the physical and mental health of the addict. Drugs can also have harmful effects within the body, which are not as apparent at first, to the neurocognitive and brain development on teenagers.

Some drugs, like marijuana, activate neurons because their chemical structure acts like a natural neurotransmitter but the fact of the matter is that they are really not natural so the neurons end up sending abnormal messages through the brain.

All these drugs have their evil effects on the mind and body cells of the addicts. They should take the solemn vow of uniting for a drug-free world. Parents can prevent their children from using drugs by keeping an open line of communication with one another.

Treatment of Drug Addiction: As it is known, if on drugs or alcohol there is a greater chance of positioning oneself in dangerous behavior such as injury to oneself or others such as fights and motor vehicle crashes.

If he is treated through the method of detoxification by a gradual process he regains his normalcy gradually. As their measure of survey they used the Daytona Area Drug Survey, which covered questions on different categories of drugs and their consumption over lifetime and day timeframes.

If the young people are aware of the harmful effects of drug abuse, they would avoid drug abuse at the first instance. When a patient is made to give up his addiction, he suffers from several physical troubles.

Online Source Drugs are chemicals. The members of his family should be advised how to behave with the patient.

Those who thus become able to overcome their addiction can tutor other young addicts. Curiosities, desire for pleasure, social excommunication, mental gap, lack of self-reliance are some of the reasons why these youth becomes a drug-addict.

The addict uses it, despite having full knowledge of its harmful effects on health. Book According to the author in the textbook, substance use creates such impulsivity and aggressive behaviors that may contribute to the development of antisocial personality disorder ASPD.

Very often, addicts witness extreme changes in body weight.Illegal drugs continue to be a problem throughout schools for the teens and everyone involved in their lives such as teachers and parents.

The concern lies within the fact that the earlier the age of drug use, the greater the likelihood of. Drug Addiction Essay. Drug Addiction Introduction There are many people and organizations in our culture that are trying very hard to make sure that Drug Addiction is NOT seen as a disease or as the result of genetic or biological predisposition.

All these drugs have their evil effects on the mind and body cells of the addicts. The young generations, particularly teenagers, are the worst victims of evils of Drug Addiction.

Meaning of Drug Addiction. Drug Addiction (also called substance use disorder) is a brain disease. The addict becomes dependent on the drug. Drug Abuse Among American Teenagers Essay Words | 32 Pages.

Drug Abuse Among American Teenagers Drug abuse in America is a major problem. Especially among teenagers. Drugs have hurt the lives of nearly 40 percent of all teenagers in America.

Teen Drug Abuse

Either with health problems, DWIs, highway crashes, arrests, impaired. The use of drugs by teenagers is the result of a combination of factors such as peer pressure, curiosity, and availability.

Drugs addiction among adolescents in turn lead to depression and suicide. One of the most important reasons of teenage drug usage is peer pressure. Peer pressure represents social influences that effect adolescents, it can. Essay on Teenage Drug Addiction and Social Influence - Teenage drug abuse is usually the outcome of children becoming adolescents, ages 13 to Wanting to fit in and to be accepted amongst their peers is the main cause in the rising rates of teenage drug abuse and social influence.

Essay on drug addiction in teenagers
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