Exchange social and the market principle essay

Many of these social exchanges are readily recognized and described by those taking part in them through speech. What we may perceive to be acceptable or unacceptable in the relationship is our comparison level that we weigh the rewards and costs against.

The scholar that devoted more time to the social exchange theory was Peter Blau in his book Exchange and Power in Social Life An exchange may include exchange of services, love, information, money and symbols of approval.

Yet Blau has pointed out that not all social behavior is social exchange, and not all exchange in social life is social exchange. A critical perspective for social work. The purpose of this exchange is to maximize benefits of one person and minimize costs of one person.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. When the risks outweigh the rewards, the person will terminate or abandon that relationship.

The Social Exchange Theory in Interpersonal Relationships Essay Sample

Get Access The Social Exchange Theory in Interpersonal Relationships Essay Sample Interpersonal communication is a form of communication that takes place between two people who have an established relationship.

There are strengths and weaknesses employed in some concepts of exchange. The theory can be utilized to figure out reasons for an uneven transaction between people and their environments.

The development and deterioration of satisfaction and commitment in heterosexual involvements. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. That is definitely an example of uneven exchange in relationships.

The theory also states that the relationship is based on reciprocation the individual will seek to maximize their gains and minimize their losses, and the couple participates in the relationship out of mutual benefit.

According to this theory, people weigh the potential benefits and risks of the relationship. While I thinking about the exchange theory in regards to relationships I am able to apply the concept to a relationship that I was involved in about a year ago.

If the costs are out weighing benefits the person will terminate the relationship. A paradigm can be used to pinpoint what main resources are needed in order to develop an even exchange, or to put it into economical terms, the goal may be to maximize benefits and minimize costs.

People also have a comparison level for the alternative relationships. The theory is also seated in an individualist mindset and this may limit its application in relationships. The pay-offs in that relationship did measure against the costs.

Had I felt that there was an even transaction between that both of us the relationship would probably still exist.

The comparison level of alternatives is when we weigh the rewards and costs relative to the perceived alternatives.The Social Exchange Theory in Interpersonal Relationships Essay Sample.

Interpersonal communication is a form of communication that takes place between two people who have an established relationship. Exchange is an essential, and multifaceted, part of economic systems. Types of exchange include market principle, prevalent in capitalist societies, redistribution, or moving goods to a center, and reciprocity, exchanging goods.

One tool that is used when addressing the rewards and costs affects on individuals in a relationship is the Social Exchange theory. Basically this theory means that an individual will seek out relationships in which the rewards are greater than the costs/5(7).

Social exchange theory is a social psychological and sociological perspective that explains social change and stability as a process of negotiated exchanges between parties. Social exchange theory posts that all human relationships are formed by the use of a subjective cost-benefit analysis and the comparison of alternatives.

Social exchange theory was formed by the intersection of economics, psychology and sociology. The theory was developed to understand the social behaviour of humans in economic undertakings, according to the theory's initiator Hormans ().

While social exchange theory is found in economics and psychology, it was first developed by the sociologist George Homans, who wrote about it in an essay titled "Social Behavior as Exchange." Later, sociologists Peter Blau and Richard Emerson further developed the theory.

Exchange social and the market principle essay
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