Executive summary of colgate toothpaste

Please see appendix to find further financial information on Colgate. In Colgate introduced its first toothpaste Haig, M.

The Assistant Secretary for Health, Dr. Furthermore nowadays a wide range of different toothpaste products is offered to the customers. Because of the globally presence of Colgate, there will be 2. To optimize purchasing, logistics and sourcing processes Colgate has integrated SAP technology.

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This leads to cost reduction and can be seen as a significant advantage. The data analyzed in the report include: Mason, requested an analysis of the benefits and risks of fluorides upon the receipt of the preliminary results of a study in which animals were given sodium fluoride in the drinking water.

Furthermore Colgate offers premium products which mean the consumer is willing to pay a high price for the product in order to receive high quality products. Here is to point out that the average age of the population is not essential because all people have a need for oral hygiene products.

The NTP study found no evidence of carcinogenic activity of sodium fluoride in female rats, or in mice of either sex. To better recommend improvements, the actual state of Colgate referring to their products, objectives, etc.

Local management has the know-how and experience needed to reach consumers in these vast markets with a wide range of quality products Colgate-Palmolive Annual Reportp. Moreover the toothpaste market is growing constantly which means that more different needs and expectations of the customer will arise.

If there is a growing population rate worldwide or in local markets, the need for oral hygiene products increases. Furthermore Colgate has built up trust with the cooperation with dental profession and this has contributed to Colgate toothpaste being the brand recommended and used most often by dentists worldwide Colgate-Palmolive Annual Reportp.

Another competitive advantage is the close cooperation with thousands of small shop owners and local wholesalers. In the United States, one of the world largest consumer markets, Colgate is the market leader in toothpaste sales with a market share at This mix is organised into five major product lines: On the one hand in order to gain more market share within this industry, the only way is to take it away from one of these competitors.

Up to the present the company could acquire first-class technological know-how. Introduction Colgate is the world market leader in oral hygiene products. This has been a milestone for Colgate consequently becoming a market leader for toothpaste products. The global sales figures and market shares of toothpaste mentioned in 3.

On the other hand Colgate must also be aware of losing market shares to their competitors. Colgate has many subsidiary organisation located in more than countries, but it is publicly in only two, the United States and India.

The most recognizable product line is oral care, including 31 different toothpaste products.Colgate Total is the most popular toothpaste under the Colgate brand. It has eight products and flavors within the line that all promote hour protection from: gingivitis, stains, plaque, whitening, cavities, tartar, weak enamel, tender gums and bad breath.

Colgate MaxFresh Global Brand Roll Out Marketing & Management Strategy for China and Mexico - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Marketing and management strategy solutions for the Global Brand Roll-Out of Colgate Max Fresh.

This powerpoint deck is our official entry to the Fall Zicklin 5/5(3). Colgate Case.

A Strategic Analysis of Colgate´s toothpaste product line

Alex Colgate-Palmolive Case-Marketing Plan I. Executive Summary A. Summary of situation analysis The Colgate-Palmolive case involves the Precision toothbrush, which was entered into the market in by Colgate.

Executive Summary. The Colgate-Palmolive company is acknowledged as the world’s leader in personal care. This report analyse the Colgate’s current situation in order to give recommendations on their actual toothpaste product line.

The main competitive advantage is that Colgate toothpaste product line consist of the well known and. 1. [Type the document title] [Type text] Page 1 COLGATE-PAMOLIVE (INDIA) LTD.

Executive Summary INTRODUCTION Colgate-Palmolive is a leading global consumer products company, tightly focused on Oral Care. At present. founded in by William ultimedescente.come Total toothpaste is introduced in the U.

his ultimedescente.come distributes two million tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes to schools. and today reaches over 50 million children annually.S million during the financial year ended December ($ • Colgate launches Colgate Max .

Executive summary of colgate toothpaste
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