Fortunately unfortunately writing a book

Unfortunately, he got lost. Each line of the book begins with either "fortunately" or "unfortunately. Preinstructional Planning Objectives Students will recognize patterns in writing and will write their own story using the same pattern. Have the students rewrite the story using their own events or adventures.

Fortunately, the plane landed in a flower bed.

Fortunately (Unfortunately) Writing Activity

Fortunately, the boy woke up. Fortunately, everyone ran out of the room safely. Not until the very end. Fortunately, the boy could run faster than the bees could fly.

In a small group, have students write a group story where one student writes a good event, the next student adds on a bad event, a third student changes it to a good event, and a fourth student changes it to a bad event.

Fortunately, there was another person on the plane.

Fortunately, Unfortunately

Unfortunately, he fell asleep. Unfortunately, they were just getting more bees. Unfortunately, there was no pilot. Unfortunately, he smashed into a door.

She began what happened after Ned from the original story got to the party he had been invited to: See how this works? Lesson Resources Fortunately by Remy Charlip Set Up and Prepare Ask the students if they have ever had an experience that started out good and then turned bad or a bad experience that a turned out good.

Will it be a fortunate event or an unfortunate event? Unfortunately, he could not drive it. Fortunately, the bees went after someone else. The students could create a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation of their story. Unfortunately, there were bees in the flower bed.

Unfortunately, tigers burst into the party.


One situation should lead causally to the next one, which leads to the next. Fortunately, it was his house and he got in safely. Fortunately, he knew how to drive a plane. Something good happens, and then something messes that up, which propels the character into the next situation. Lesson Extensions The students could type their stories using a word processor.

During Instruction Directions Have the students predict what will happen next in the story. The students could make puppets and act their story out.

Keep taking turns until they decide on a final ending. Good things happen, but then they get messed up, leading to the next thing. Fortunately, he found a plane.Oct 10,  · At a recent parent-teacher conference, I got to read my daughter's latest story, written using the concept Mrs.

P. had taught, which she in turn got from a book (which I'm admitting right now I haven't read) called Fortunately, by Remy Charlip. Still, those adventure-minded youngsters who pine for a life with more pirates, dinosaurs, and aliens will appreciate this work, though teachers introducing the "fortunately, unfortunately" style in writing assignments may wish to stick with Remy Charlip's classic, Fortunately (Scholastic, )/5(20).

I use Fortunately to teach about patterns in writing and about opposite events. The students love the unexpected happenings of the story. Teachers.

Fortunately Lesson Plan

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Fortunately Ned was invited to a surprise party. Unfortunately the party was a thousand miles away. Fortunately he borrowed an airplane. Related Book Resources.

Lesson Plan Fortunately Lesson Plan I use Fortunately to teach about patterns in writing and about opposite events. The students love the unexpected happenings of the story.

Fortunately, Ned was invited to a surprise party. Unfortunately, the party was a thousand miles away. Fortunately, a friend loaned Ned an airplane/5(). Fortunately, our library just bought "Fortunately, Unfortunately" by Michael Foreman. Unfortunately, it isn't as good as Remy Charlip's book.

Fortunately, I can still read both versions to my writing class to contrast and compare, and then write a round-robin book as an opening writing exercise/5.

Fortunately unfortunately writing a book
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