Heavy duty paper plates

This saves on the length of the trips required to carry product back and forth and greatly reduces cycle times.

In some cases, depending on the shape, density, weight distribution, and overhang of your product, the construction of the arm or base may require additional size, strength or bracing to safely store the load.

Load per Arm Exterior Arm: More available work area is put into service, allowing for faster throughput. In some cases, the open space helps increase forklift safety as well by reducing injuries associated with trying to maneuver in small spaces and bumping into people.

Continuing Improvement Despite the best advance planning for the installation of a cantilever rack, many companies have found additional efficiencies beyond what they anticipated.

Sizing Cantilever Arms A common misconception is that when a rack load spans 3 or more arms in a continuous rack system, the load is always equally distributed between the arms.

The space which is created by vertical storage triggers an initial review of how to do things better.

For each cantilever rack we engineer, we will need specifics about the size, weight and weight distribution of your product. Amount of the overhang on the ends leverage. Increased Safety in the Warehouse Safety also increases in the warehouse in multiple ways.

Many Potential Savings Lead to Positive ROI Once your new cantilever rack has been installed and loaded with product that used to be farther away or on the operations floor, the efficiency of your facility increases.

For one specific example, the following specs were developed: Actually the interior arms may take a greater load than those on the ends, depending on how much overhang is present. Personal safety has been increased because the vertical storage eliminates tripping hazards by getting materials or finished goods off the floor and into the rack.

How the storage solution evolves is based on your needs, your site, and your product.

Best Heavy Duty Stretcher Bars

Load per Arm Consideration of fewer than all of these factors shows how assumptions about the load distribution can quickly lead to under-sizing of the arms and a resulting unsafe situation. The ease of use, and thus the efficiency in placing and picking large items in the cantilever rack is also greatly enhanced over traditional rack.

Vehicular operations, fuel, and maintenance costs also have the potential to decrease as the product can be efficiently stored closer to where it is needed.

Furthermore, the increased space created by the cantilever rack gives forklifts more room to maneuver and reduces damage to and repair costs for racks.Best Heavy Duty Stretcher Bars are made of strong, kiln-dried, knot-free pine sourced from Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified suppliers.

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Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack Companies Have an Increasing Need for Space. As companies continue to expand product lines while shrinking overhead expenses, the need for safe and efficient storage continues to grow.

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Heavy duty paper plates
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