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It has also been the result of commitment to delivery schedules and a continuous process of technology and skills upgradation. We supply cotton Bales to textile mills across the country and in the international arena.

Under the Duty Drawback System, exporters of manufactured goods were entitled to get refund of duties and taxes paid on imported inputs used in export production, and also all excise duties paid on exported finished goods. But labor is cheap here because people who are related to this sector are from very Internship report on knit garments bangladesh background.

Bangladesh is currently one of the 12 largest exporters of garments products in U. Given the remarkable entrepreneurial initiatives and the dedication of its workforce, Bangladesh can look forward to advancing its share of the global RMG market Prospect of Bangladesh garments industry Bangladesh fears that its current political turmoil may lead to its garment industry losing out to South and Southeast Asian competitors, including India.

Towards this end, various policy reforms were implemented in the s and s. The sector now dominates the modern economy in export earnings, secondary impact and employment generated. And this is what everyone does in such a situation.

Bangladesh exports 35 types of garment products to about 31 countries around the world. Bangladesh is going to challenge the garments of those countries in the world market. Objective means the purpose of this report. The reduced tax rates and other facilities are likely to have a positive impact on the RMG sector.

Traders, an ISO Liabilities to pay the amounts in suspense were removed on proof of exports. Political turmoil combined with labour trouble that erupted frequently during has adversely affected the garment industry.

That is they are not becoming influenced like before any more. Supportive Government Policy In contrast to the public sector-led import-substituting industrialization strategy pursued during the first few years after independence, the industrialization philosophy of the government changed rather dramatically from the late s when the emphasis was on export-oriented growth to be spearheaded by the private sector.

By taking advantage of an insulated market under the provision of Multi Fibre Agreement MFA of GATT, it attained a high profile in terms of foreign exchange earnings, exports, industrialization and contribution to GDP within a short span of time.

Now-a-days Bangladesh financial sector is very much dependent upon this sector. After three months, Apprentices are appointed as helpers. Bangladesh has to advance cautiously for getting better position of her garments in the world market.

The Readymade garments should improve their product quality, packing system, internal environment, and other merchandising activities to satisfy their foreign buyers. Research and Training The country has no dedicated research institute related to the apparel sector.

Anybody visiting the factory the first impression he or she will have that these workers are in a roost. The OCP report helps the reader to know about the merchandising activities, practiced in Readymade garments And the buyer satisfaction level towards the merchandiser Introduction RMG Ready Made Garment is very important and helpful for our Bangladesh.

Apprentices are helpers who have been working in the garment industry for less than three months. The quantity we are exporting is huge but at a very low price. Some of these reformed policies contributed considerably to the growth of the RMG industry in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh should improve its average lead time to compete in the international market.

Garment factories in Bangladesh provide employment to 40 percent of industrial workers. Because of cheap labor if our country makes the labor productivity in the apex position, then we think the future of this sector is highly optimistic. Although Bangladesh is not developed in industry, it has been enriched in Garment industries in the recent past years.

Given the remarkable entrepreneurial initiatives and the dedication of its workforce, Bangladesh can look forward to advancing its share of the global RMG market. The company was incepted.

The objectives of this report are as follows: This segment of the company began in and has seen tremendous success.INTERNSHIP REPORT.

BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology Internship Industry- Mark In present time, Bangladesh is best known for its clothing industry.

Around Internship report on knit garment.

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Uploaded by. Tusher Hossain.5/5(1). Internship report on garments merchandising The annual export income of garments sector is driven from two sources one is woven garments and others is knit wear.

Readymade Garments is a % export oriented garments. This report is prepared on “Merchandising activities and buyer satisfaction of readymade garments.

The OCP report. Read this essay on Internship Report on Garments Industry of Bangladesh the Challenging Ahead. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more.

Only at". This report “Garments Industry of Bangladesh: The Challenging Ahead” is the out come of 13 weeks OCP work on Garments Sector. During this period, my job has related to this department. During this period, my job has related to this department.

INTERNSHIP REPORT ON MARCHANDISING IN GARMENTS INDUSTRY Prepared For: Sharmin Shabnam Rahman To achieve new idea about knit garments manufacturing process. To know about the management and technical process of apparel industry. To know the management Procedure in Garments Industry.

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Internship report on knit garments bangladesh
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