Magister technologiae business administration coursework

A full time minimum12 month programme which requires the completion of a full research dissertation with a focus on advanced design, engineering management, and innovation. From the culture workshop it became evident that there was a high level of discomfort about the attitude of middle management.

This program may be done on a part time basis in consultation with the Department. It also recommends ways in which management can address low job satisfaction amongst employees by improving management skills, building relations between managers and subordinates and also by fostering improved internal communication among employees.

Data were collected using a questionnaire that was distributed among drivers at Head Office and at all the branches of Dawn Wing Couriers.

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The writing of this dissertation has been the assistant by generous help of many special people. Knowledge based systems for improving productivity Flexible manufacturing systems Department of Electrical Engineering Masters degrees: His kindness and spiritual support has made me feel more confident during the study period.

First and foremost, I am indebted to my supervisor, Dr Johan Le Roux who has been very supportive at every stage of this dissertation. Without his generous assistance and encouragement, this dissertation could never have been completed.

I feel that I was very fortunate to receive assistance from them. The idea was to identify factors which contribute towards high and low job satisfaction levels. I appreciate his reading, guidance and comments on this dissertation, as well as his provision of kind support and valuable information for the dissertation.

Mathematics II and Research Methodology are prerequisites. Abstract I The purpose of this study was to investigate the job satisfaction levels of the drivers of Dawn Wing Couriers. Abstract The work of this nature will not and is usually not the work of one person.

This program may be done on a part time basis and in consultation with the Department.


International Master of Science Programs An month, full-time, international programme with a focus on advanced design, engineering management and innovation.

I wish to express my almost gratitude to his invaluable advice and patience in reading, correcting and commenting on the drafts of the dissertation and, more importantly, for his generosity which I received throughout my entire masters program.

The rationale behind the study derived from a feedback report which was compiled after a culture workshop held during April for all the drivers within Dawn Wing Couriers.

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to them. A program that allows students to have their doctoral studies supervised jointly by academics from a South African University and a French University For information contact: On the other hand, when employees are unhappy, their job satisfaction levels are low and they do not perform at peak levels.

From the study it is concluded that when employees are happy, their job satisfaction levels are high and they perform at peak levels.UNISA College of Graduate Studies Courses - UNISA College of Graduate Studies Courses - Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration () Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Auditing () Magister Technologiae Degrees.

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Magister Technologiae: Engineering: Chemical (). business administration (entrepreneurship) MTech: (magister technologiae) The focus of the programme is to equip candidates with skills to produce interesting and innovative learning programmes and business initiatives, which encourage the development of entrepreneurial skills.

TUT-Tshwane University of Technology Business School Courses or programmes offered ; click here for DEPARTMENT OF ACCOUNTING National High. Magister Technologiae: Comparative Local Development (Structured) Subject information (overview of syllabus) Doctor Technologiae: Business Administration; Magister Technologiae: Organisational.

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nelson mandela metropolitan university port elizabeth contact information magister technologiae: business administration (research) () 16 doctor of business administration (research) () 17 doctor commercii business administration (course-based) MTech: (magister technologiae) This Masters Programme is primarily designed to develop participants who wish to take greater control over and make a direct contribution to, change in their organisations via the development and implementation of.


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Download Links {Lucas Makomane Taba and Co-supervisor Prof and Dominic Iwisi}, title = {MAGISTER TECHNOLOGIAE: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION}, year business administration magister technologiae sincere appreciation spiritual support.

Magister technologiae business administration coursework
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