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There are no more subtle energies in these debased foods, let alone mere measureable nutrients or soul-satisfying taste and vitality. Consider this prophetic statement by Rudolf Steiner in an address to members of the Anthroposophical Society on June 20, and published in Spiritual Foundations for the Renewal of Agriculture: Growing and preparing food ought to be a sacramental service.

Barely a decade ago, gluten intolerance and celiac disease were considered uncommon genetic aberrations, occurring in perhaps 1 in persons worldwide. Therefore, it is effective only on actively growing plants and is not effective as a pre-emergence herbicide. Roundup Ready soybean, the first Roundup Ready crop, also created by Monsanto which allows farmers to use glyphosate as a postemergence herbicide against weeds.

Humans have continued the process chemically in the last century, and especially during the last 50 years in order to increase yields, resist fungal diseases and pest attacks, improve ease of mechanical harvesting and meet rigorous demands of industrial milling and mechanized baking methods.

Its preparation and enjoyment constitute a daily opportunity to experience happiness, satisfaction and gratitude. The development of glyphosate resistance in weed species is emerging as a costly problem.

It should not be based on violence, as is most of modern agriculture, factory animal farms and factories that produce finished food items like bread. It will certainly be within this century.

In my opinion regarding cerealsthe genetic causes in these plants which are seen as the only factor for disease are not certainly the only cause that should be pointed in this serious issue of the intolerance to food: Commercial cereal products have become health hazards because of everything from grain hybridization to flour adulteration to inadequate, inappropriate and violent processing.

Transgenic wheat varieties via GMO technology are now waiting in the wings for their debut, albeit to an unexpectedly at least to Monsanto hostile audience both at home and abroad. Also we have the vanishing of the Insects.

Resources also exist to reintroduce ancient grains, such as emmer and einkorn wheats, into our food supply and diversify cereal choices with alternatives to the few overly hybridized cultivars largely in use today.

An increasing number of crops have been genetically engineered to be tolerant of glyphosate e. Pedro March 11, at 4: In many organic cultures in Iberian Peninsula, tests are showing positive results for several pesticides and glyphosate in fields where the farmers are not using these products, and in locations where these farmers do not have conventional agricultural fields near them.

Indeed, not many people know that during the last few decades the agricultural products on which our life depends have degenerated extremely rapidly.

In this present time of transition. It inhibits a plant enzyme involved in the synthesis of three aromatic amino acids: They also are aesthetically repugnant, which is just as important a factor to consider when talking about the nourishment of food.

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Dane Wigington ultimedescente.com The human race continues to hurtle toward total disaster on countless fronts, but, unfortunately, for many the shiny distractions of industrialized and militarized society are still too alluring to turn away from.

Ralph fletcher informational writing anchor
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