The battle of singapore essay

But the effectiveness of the Japanese was shown when they captured the capital of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, on January 11th World War II Improvements to Singapore as a British military base had only been completed at great cost in The British had confidently predicted that the Japanese would attack from the sea.

Those who were not injured but had surrendered were also murdered — some captured Australian troops were doused with petrol and burned to death. He has been blamed for failing to back up those troops caught up directly with the fighting but it is now generally accepted that this would not have changed the final outcome but it may only have prolonged the fighting.

Battle Of Singapore

The Japanese had been portrayed as useless soldiers only capable of fighting the militarily inferior Chinese. One story told about the attitude of the British Army in Singapore was of a young Army officer complaining that the newly completed defences in Singapore might put off the Japanese from landing there.

His tactic spread his men out for too thinly for an attack. The fall of Singapore. However, the British military command in Singapore was confident that the power they could call on there would make any Japanese attack useless.

On February 8th,the Japanese attacked across the Johor Strait. They advanced with speed and ferocity. The people of Singapore fared worse. A pamphlet issued to all Japanese soldiers stated: Singapore, an island at the southern end of the Malay Peninsula, was considered a vital part of the British Empire and supposedly impregnable as a fortress.

Many were of Chinese origin and were slaughtered by the Japanese. In all the war I never received a more direct shock. Social life was important in Singapore and the Raffles Hotel and Singapore Club were important social centres frequented by officers.

Percival had overestimated the strength of the Japanese. He had 90, men there — British, Indian and Australian troops. On January 31stthe British and Australian forces withdrew across the causeway that separated Singapore from Malaya.

Japanese Invasion of Malaya & Singapore: History and Significance

It was clear that this would be their final stand. Any hope of aerial support for the army was destroyed before the actual attack on Singapore had actually begun. This proved a mistake. Many had just arrived and had not fired a bullet in anger. Furthermore, the worst military disaster in British history also undermined the myth of white supremacy in the colonial period as Japan, an Asian power, had thoroughly defeated and discredited the European system of imperialism.

Sir Winston Churchill wrote in his memoirs: However, the civilians continued to assist the Allied soldiers the best they could. Singapore had been the cornerstone of imperial defense in the Far East.

Speed was of the essence for the Japanese, never allowing the British forces time to re-group. Any thoughts of the Japanese fighting a conventional form of war were soon shattered.

The fall of Singapore in clearly illustrated the way Japan was to fight in the Far East — a combination of speed and savagery that only ended with the use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in August The RAF could offer the ships no protection as their planes had already been destroyed by the Japanese.

The fall of Singapore

Locals who had helped the Allies were tortured before being murdered. The British fortress, which was once thought impenetrable, had fallen in less than a week. All the indications were that the Japanese would attack Singapore across the Johor Strait.

I was thankful to be alone. Once the Japanese expanded throughout the region after Pearl Harbour Decembermany in Britain felt that Singapore would become an obvious target for the Japanese. The History Learning Site, 19 May At the Alexandra Military Hospital, Japanese soldiers murdered the patients they found there.

The army in the area was led by Lieutenant General Arthur Percival. This was the first time British forces had come up against a full-scale attack by the Japanese.Singapore’s defensive flaw prompted the Japanese to proceed to Singapore through Malaya. And that is what they did. On 8 Decemberthe Japanese forces – led by Lieutenant General Yamashita – landed at Kota Bharu on the border of Malaya and Thailand.

The fall of Singapore was a humiliation for the British government. The Japanese had been portrayed as useless soldiers only capable of fighting the militarily inferior Chinese.

This assessment clearly rested uncomfortably with how the British Army had done in the peninsula. The fall of Singapore was the most devastating defeat for the British in World War 2.

It had its effects on the British rule in the Commonwealth Countries of South East Asia including the Indian Subcontinent and Australia. solution to the battle of the forms problem that has the advantages of the certainty provided by common law rules with the flexibility to consider the particular circumstances of a given transaction.

The Battle of Singapore Essay - Introduction The Battle of Singapore took place during World War II from January 31 to February 15, The two opposing forces were the British and Japanese.

» See all Battle Of Singapore Articles The Trigger Of War After being imposed a trade embargo due to its Chinese campaigns, Japan had to look for an alternative source of .

The battle of singapore essay
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