Ucl coursework regulations

Coursework can also be submitted via Moodle or Turn-it-in. Suspension of studies for academic insufficiency A student whose overall attendance and performance is unsatisfactory may have their studies suspended for a period of up to one year.

Late submission of coursework Deadlines for coursework submission should be applied rigidly. The plagiarised material must be less than one third of the piece of work. After that, it is your work, and we normally see it only in our capacity as examiners.

The calculated module mark is then rounded to the nearest integer. Last update October Coursework submitted more than two working days after the deadline will be marked but a mark of zero will be awarded. Page size should be A4. Minor changes to assessment arrangements for a module also have to be approved by the Faculty via the Departmental Administrator by 30 April each year.

Home Guide to Allegations of Examination Irregularities This guide explains what you should do if you are accused of breaking sometimes called breaching the examination regulations. A member of the Registry staff will act as secretary to the Panel, all communications will be made through this person.

To be complete in a course unit you must have submitted assessable work for all components of the module. To get amendments made for the coming academic year please contact the Departmental Administrator Academic Policy and Operations Details required include: This is so that you are on the stream for the preparatory briefing meetings run by the UCL Study Abroad Office and so we can ensure we have sufficient exchange places for all students who wish to study abroad.

Briefly, students may not challenge the assessment of the academic content of the work. Examination irregularities can relate to both assessed coursework and examinations. If you wish to do this, you will need to have switched before mid-October of your second year.

Suspensions of studies forfeit an attempt at assessment for all affected modules. Appeals It is possible to appeal against the decision of the Examinations Irregularities Panel.

It is important that your statement is as complete as possible because the Panel will use this information to make its decision. You own department will be invited to send a representative to the hearing. In both instances above, you are also required to pass all of your first and second year modules and be complete in each module.

You should attach appropriate supporting evidence. If you are in any doubt about how to process changes please contact the Departmental Administrator n. In addition, modules may set minimum qualifying marks for individual assessments, which must also be satisfied in order to pass the module.

UCL has an Extenuating Circumstances Policy which is intended to ensure that students are not unfairly disadvantaged by unexpected circumstances beyond their control which may affect performance in assessment.

It is important that you attend the Panel hearing. In certain cases we reserve the right to decide whether a student is suitable for a particular overseas institution, e.


You must notify the anthropology department, no matter which department teaches the module s concerned, using the Extenuating Circumstances EC Form available on our website in the Current Students section, Policies, Regulations and Guidelines.

In order to pass an undergraduate module Levels 4, 5 and 6a student must have: What type of coursework you are setting see guidelines on plagiarism and coursework ; What percentage of the total module mark it represents; The deadline for submission pre-arranged wth the Dept Office staff ext ; The form the submission should be in paper, electronic etc.

If you fail a module in your second year, you are automatically entered for the resit during the Late Summer Assessment period. Have achieved a minimum 2.At UCL, a bachelor’s programme generally includes both a ‘major’ ( credits), which reflects the name of the degree, and a ‘minor’ (30 credits).

Conceived as a set of complementary coursework in accordance with the student’s choices, the minor serves one of the following objectives.

Rules and Regulations If you do not start on the BASc with Study Abroad (Y) course there is the opportunity to transfer from the 3-year degree. If you wish to do this, you will need to have switched before mid-October of your second year. Intro. Unless otherwise stated by the course convenor, all coursework is submitted electronically to TurnItIn via Moodle; a hard copy is not required, except for the final year ultimedescente.com coursework should be submitted by noon on the stated deadline.

Work will not be accepted by ultimedescente.comnes for Geography modules are available from the Moodle pages for each module. PGTA - Opportunities and Regulations. Some general guidelines are given below about carrying out paid employment in the course of your research.

This guide explains what you should do if you are accused of breaching examination regulations.

Coursework Extensions

The full details of the Examination Irregularities Procedure can be found in the UCL Academic Manual. Examination irregularities can relate to both coursework and examinations, written, oral or practical.

Programme Regulations – Applied Educational Leadership and Management MA These Programme Regulations are designed and developed by UCL Institute of Education which is Now all coursework and dissertation items submitted online.

Ucl coursework regulations
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