What is contained in my toybox

This one arrived after I wrote my last review. The plastic treads have a small molded pattern: I had to peek at Eliza before I started this review, and I noticed something unexpected right off the bat.

It would have been an easy thing to add, and would help remind kids about the personality of their new friend.

Playtonic Games

Marvel Battlegrounds These playsets have their own unique campaign, which can be played with up to two players. Eliza made an impressive entrance into the house. The hair itself is glossy and smooth, with a gorgeous mix of red colors: The thinness of the fabric is the only thing that causes me any concern.

The other headband is a simple elastic band with the tag neatly tucked into the seam: Also, coffee with those swirls of milk is de-licious! And in her Boston terrier dress: The left eye points more downwards than the right eye.

The decal iris patterns match and the colors are complimentary. When I was ordering Eliza, I spent a lot of time peering at tiny online pictures, trying to figure out which accessory set I should pick. My favorite look for her and my favorite pieces of custom clothing are the pug tee-shirt and the non-custom shorts from the sports theme outfit: Notice the underwear lines under the slinky fabric.

As much as I like Eliza in person, I should preface the rest of this review with a disclaimer: The mode supports online multiplayer, in which players can play around with items that only the other player has, albeit only during that session.

The pug shirt is the first custom tee I made: I made a second custom shirt for Eliza, too.My Create Your Own American Girl doll, Eliza, arrived two weeks ago (almost exactly on schedule).

I noticed recently that the wait for a similar doll now stretches into May (!) so I guess the concept is faring well in the holiday market. The box also contained my certificate for a free customized tee shirt and I've already used it.

The. Toy Box Safety. A toy box can be dangerous for two reasons: A child could become trapped inside, or a hinged lid could fall on your child’s head or body while he’s searching for a toy. The information contained on this Web site should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your pediatrician.

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Used Toy Hauler

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What is contained in my toybox
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