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Depression and anxiety is therefore a contributing factor to this violence. In schools, this form of violence continues to generate more copycats who would not hesitate to go on with the violent acts. This form of comprehensive prevention has been highly effective.

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This is the case mostly with orphaned students or students living with alcoholic parents. Zero tolerance has been encouraged and has gained popularity in many administrators. An example is the case whereby parents get married and then divorce.

Legal remedies include what the staff can do to prevent the violence with suspicion a staff member is allowed to search without a warrant. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services.

The recruited students end up involving themselves in drug addiction. Indicator 2 of the NCES report, Incidence of Victimization at School and Away From School, states that between andthe victimization rate for students ages twelve to eighteen generally declined for thefts, violent crimes, and serious violent crimes at school and away from school.

Expectations for student behavior in this type of environment are clearly stated, consistently enforced, and justly applied. School Policies Secondary school administrators have addressed public concern by implementing violence prevention programs that instruct students in social-cognitive skills such as anger management; installing zero tolerance policies that expel or suspend students for being involved in fights or for carrying a weapon to school; and heightening school security.

These forms of tragedy cannot be fully prevented, but there are signs that can be detected in a personality to hint on an unusual behavior in a student that may result to violence. To fulfill their potential in classrooms, youth should be safe and secure in schools.

The percentage of students victimized provides an important measure of how safe our schools are and how this has changed over time. Because of this when there are conflicts between blocks, violence may result and weapons may be used by the concerned members.

Parental guidance in the home has a large effect on school violence. In another case, these conflicts may be initiated in the neighborhood and occur there.

However, consistent school safety policies are not found across the United States. That investigation found that activities designed to increase school safety include counseling services, behavioral intervention, community programs, hotlines, teacher professional development, random dog checks, security cameras, use of clear or mesh book bags, and drug testing.

The second one is early identification and intervention while the third involves effective responses to disruption and crisis. This theory emphasizes that the breakdown in the traditional social control and organizations in our societies, neighborhoods, communities and our families result in deviant behavior and criminal activities, especially in our children.

Significant effects on the school climate and the ways in which students resolve problems are attributed to the decisions of individual teachers about classroom management theories or their choices of management practices and strategies. They also realize they can think, doubt, and question what they are learning, and even make mistakes in a secure environment.

Although 97 percent of schools require visitors to sign in, only 67 percent control access to the school building, and 34 percent control access to the school grounds. Some of the students also fight to achieve or maintain respect for them.

Violence In Schools Essay

No child is born as violent. There are cases of theft and gang wars among others. A staff person can be designated from the State Injury prevention program. Another factor that may encourage school violence is whereby there is easy availability of weapons.

Some believe that a safe school is one in which the total school environment allows students, teachers, administrators, staff, and visitors to interact in a positive, nonthreatening manner that reflects the educational mission of the school while fostering positive relationships and personal growth.

Furthermore, when violence does happen, a lack of will to punish the perpetrators encourages them to participate in it again later. Bullying contributes to an environment of fear and intimidation in schools.

Inter-racial schools where students come from different backgrounds sow the seeds of conflict. Only 1 percent of U. Education must occur in the home, alongside parents, and in the classroom.

Section one outlined the characteristics of each person.Paulson, A. (, August 20). Why school violence is declining. Christian Science Monitor. This example Violence In Schools Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services.

ultimedescente.com offers reliable custom essay writing. Violence in schools has spread widely throughout the nation that caused many problems among students, families, faculty staffs, and residents of the areas.

However, there are many possible ways we can stop all this violence in schools. There are almost three-fourths of the United States teenagers /5(5). - Increasing Student Achievement through Preventing School Violence Introduction School violence is any type of violence, whether it is a simple threat on another.

Therefore, this research paper, with the aim at reducing violence in schools and creating friendly and safe educational environment for students, discusses about three questions of why this issue is becoming more and more serious, what the consequences are and what should be done to solve this problem.

Topic: Violence in Public Schools Introduction The recent violence on school grounds (including elementary, middle school and high school violence) has created a climate of fear in American public schools, and the literature presented in this review relates to that fear and to the difficulty schools face in determining what students might be capable of.

Home / Education / Society / Essay on violence in schools Essay on violence in schools Either school violence can be termed as a case whereby physical attack is involved between students in a school or even cases of students attacking the school staff.

Write an essay on violence in schools
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